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Product description

Samascav is a water-soluble blend hydroxyl solution in a complex alcohol with an amine-facing agent. This product is extremely effective in removing H2S from gas, water, crude oil and fuel oils.
Samascav is not a scavenger in chemical terms. Rather than ‘scavenging’ H2S, it converts H2S & RSH into a stable non-hazardous Sulphate salt (SO4-2). This eliminates several issues in the process system, often associated with triazine / formaldehyde based scavengers.
Samascav is also effective in removing mercaptans from liquids in the same manner, however, the reaction time required to remove the mercaptans is slightly longer.

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About the company

SMARTEX DF is a leading national company that supplies drilling fluids and provides all associated services. The company was founded in 2008 in response to growing demand for domestic suppliers of drilling fluids in accordance with RK Law "On Kazakh Content".

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